Starbucks & Coca Cola -How Do You Like Yours Roasted?

Doka Estate Premium Coffee From Costa Rica

65% to Starbucks & Remanent caffeine to Coca Cola. From plantation to table, there is a lot more coffee in Costa.

Doka coffee plantation fields

Doka coffee sapling seeds

Coffee picking season  November  to March.  Average worker earns 2 US$ per filled basket.

Plus Free Schooling, Health Insurance & Housing

Berries run from the vats to a peeling machine using hydraulic pressure

Washed and pulped berries

Coffee berry  drying machine

Doka coffee pulped seeds

Doka coffee drying  berry seeds

Doka coffee dried beans sacks

Doka coffee coffee roasters for different flavours

Doka coffee -air tight coffee as you know it!


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